Chris has been leading worship, speaking, and giving concerts for youth and adults since 1992. He has also served as a pastor working with students, worship teams, and as a lead pastor.  In 1998, Chris' first CD "Simply What I Believe" was released featuring nine cuts of acoustic and electric guitar driven music. In late 2000, the demo for Chris' second album, "Carpenter's Son", was completed and the recording began.  Before he could hit the studio, life took an abrupt turn. After fighting headaches for months he began to lose vision in one eye. An MRI was scheduled and 45 minutes after the test was completed, Chris was told his diagnosis: a brain tumor.

A new chapter of Chris' life began very quickly when a golf ball sized tumor was found to be resting on the right optic nerve of his eye.  Surgery was completed and a long recovery began. What was supposed to be a five day hospital stay turned into a three week journey through various hospital units. Chris was then released from the hospital to a rehabilitation center to work on strengthening his ability to walk as well as regain fine motor skills. God was good and what one doctor anticipated would be a minimum four week stay in rehab turned out to be only four days.  Chris spent the next few weeks recuperating at home and 10 weeks after surgery, Chris was back on the road leading worship.

Chris returned to his ministry of music, though at a slightly slower pace. While learning to play guitar again, he found that he no longer had much memory of the music he had both listened to or written prior to the surgery. It took time but Chris re-learned both his instrumental and vocal skills. Throughout the journey he chronicled the ups and downs through song, eventually returning to the studio to begin working on a new project entitled, "Pieces of Me". The CD was to include music written during and beyond illness. His hope was that this project might provide encouragement to those who serve and lead within ministry and may be concurrently battling illness or other serious hardship. After recovering from the first surgery, Chris underwent two more surgeries due to avascular necrosis, a bone disease brought on by oncology treatments. In early 2004 Chris released his first project since 1998; a five song special event CD entitled 'Just A Few Moments' for an at the Ocean City, MD Convention Center . A live worship project soon followed featuring Chris and his worship team.

After serving as Lead Pastor of a church plant in eastern Pennsylvania, Chris took a step to use his own journey of health struggles when he accepted a position as a hospital chaplain in one of the largest Level One trauma centers in Pennsylvania. Chris discovered that people who have themselves been patients can share compassion from a unique perspective. They too have lain in a bed and felt the pain, fear, and longing to be well. But his chaplaincy experience became an in-depth one when Chris was diagnosed with a recurrence and it was shown to be two tumors. But God as always had the plan covered.  After visiting and consulting with some of the top hospitals in the country, Chris realized he was currently working at a top rated hospital. After an email from his neurologist shared that the doctor felt "it's God's blessing that this neurosurgeon is at this hospital at this time", and having himself seen amazing things happen by the surgeon's hands with other patients, Chris made the decision to have the procedure done there. God's hand was at work once more and Chris left the hospital four days later. Chris' return to the hospital as a chaplain provided unique opportunities to interact with other patients who were facing difficult diagnoses. After undergoing weeks of daily treatment, some days alongside the very patients he was ministering to, Chris' oncologist gave him the 'all-clear' sign and it was back to business as usual.

When not performing, Chris serves as executive pastor of Coatesville Bible Fellowship ( . He continues writing and working on new music projects.  Chris is available to be booked for your next worship, concert event, or speaking engagement. His prayer for his music is that each song tell a story, share a question, and most importantly provide hope to the listener. He feels his music is an extension of who he is, where he has been, where he is going, and who God has been throughout it all. As he would often share from the stage, this is not music with a lot of answers, but if you want to explore the questions together, than this is the music for you.

"This is not the music of someone who has it all figured out, but one who is merely on a journey and invites his listeners to join him."
~ pastor & event sponsor