Dear Chris,

I am the youth leader of the 6 middle school girls who recently attended and danced at your evening at the Cranbury Presbyterian Church..  When asking my girls for topic ideas for upcoming meetings my daughter Barbara said she wanted to discuss your "Fish Song" which really connected with her... any chance of having you send us the lyrics?  I know this means a lot to her because she has mentioned it many times over the past few weeks.  

Thank you for the difference you made and are making in the lives of youth (and adults).  I'm sitting here listening to your albums online and feel like we're in the same room.

Carla MacGuigan
TGIF Advisor - Pennington United Methodist Church

"Chris has a unique gift that I have not encountered in anyone else who has played for me. He has a strong presence in front of both youth and adults and has the ability to lead them in praise and worship that really brings forth God’s presence. It is always real worship whether it’s a high energy song or one of quiet reflection. Chris brings a group together and unites them before they even know they’ve been united! For me, this is the key to what makes a retreat happen."

Mark Duncan, Executive Director
Chesapeake Retreat Center (PCUSA), Maryland

Dear Chris,
I wanted to write and thank you for the impact that you had on my daughter this weekend. We attended the youth rally in Ocean City, Maryland. I watched her as she socialized in and around the event. As funny as it sounds, I kept watching my girls socialize and quietly thinking, "I wish they were getting something out of this rally." On Saturday they quickly hustled into the exhibit hall and disappeared. I thought again, "I wish they would just try to listen to the message."  Later that night as the entire youth group waited for my two girls to meet up with the group, I was becoming a little annoyed. About 10 minutes later my 16 year old daughter came busting through the doors crying. She ran up to me and hugged me and told me she loved me. Then she said "I got it Mom, I really got it!" 
After years of church, confirmation classes, Sunday school classes, youth group, and various other church activities...she listened... to you. I'm still not sure what your exact words were that grabbed her attention but this child "felt it." She really felt it for the first time in her life.  This unusually quiet child spent the rest of the weekend dancing and singing (which she never does) with the rest of the kids.
I just wanted to thank you. She got it!
God Bless,
Tammy Darrow